Opliv den indre intelligens…

Ædelstenslysterapi Nyt

Interview Q&A:

1.  How did you get interested in gemlight therapy?  

It is kind of an interesting way, I got into doing Maharishi Light Therapy with Gems. When I was a student at Maharishi University of Management in the mid-eighties, a friend of mine knew the founder of Maharishi Light Therapy with Gems and told me that Joachim Roller was developing this new technology with Maharishi. He had an early version of the gem beamers, and I tried it.  And I immediately loved it and have used in on and off all these years. But it has evolved a lot since then, and Maharishi has made many recommendations and changes and in 2007 he said it was final and ready to spread around the world.

All these years I have been waiting for it to be shared with more people. I think it fulfills a need, which I do not know any other therapy does. People who have tried everything always marvel at the complete profundity of Maharishi Light Therapy with Gems. It goes to such a deep level, and by going to the most fundamental, it seems to enrich all other levels.

I sometimes feel people can have encapsulated stresses, which are hard to reach. 
In my experience doing more than 2200 sessions by now, I see that very old knots just melt in such a gentle way and people are reconnected to a universality and connectedness to our true origin, which just makes other things fall in place. And this can happen in such a short time.

2.  Where did you get your training? 

I took the training in Vlodrop in Holland.

3.   What's the philosophy behind gemlight therapy? 

The philosophy is that the inner intelligence is enlivened in the body and thereby the body's  ability to heal itself. Gems are the most orderly and intelligent in creation, and have a highly orderly internal structure. They are like packets of intelligence, and when the special light is shone through them towards the body in specific points, this seems to start a very profound process, where each person seem to get what they need at the time.

4.  How many treatments have you personally received? 

I cannot count them. I can give myself treatment. 

 5.  You live in Denmark, yet you travel to the US and Europe to facilitate people's needs, are there any noted differences in how different nationalities respond to Maharishi Light Therapy with Gems?  

I 'only' travel in the US and in Scandinavia, I mostly focus on the US and Denmark. But I have visited Norway, Sweden and Finland.
Each nationality has their uniqueness. In general Americans are more open than Scandinavians, and this reflects in their experiences. I live in an area of Denmark, where people are using understatements very much. What is not bad in Jutland is fantastic in Copenhagen (Capital of Denmark). In the US the same would be awesome. 
One man from Jutland had told my friend that his headaches were gone after his 3 sessions. He wrote and asked for more sessions, and for fun I asked him what his results had been. He answered: 'Not much. Just that my headaches are gone'.
In Finland the winter is much longer and colder and darker, than in most other parts of the world. So after the winter people can have more depressions, and they feel as if awaken from the 'dead'. It is beautiful to watch.

6.  What is the most common response to treatment?  

People  often comment that this is the deepest peace, they have ever felt.

7.  What is the most uncommon response to treatment?

One Finnish women said after the treatment that she experienced she traveled through the whole universe. Well, this is not completely uncommon, but it was very beautiful!!!

8.  Are treatments effective for both for people who meditate and do not meditate? 
Yes, definitely. I see that many people, who have not previously had a meditation practice, experience very deep transcending and that the breathings stops. Sometimes, this is the most beautiful experience of their whole life.

9.  Any final thoughts?

I wish more people would come and enjoy and try it.  I understand how difficult it is for people to comprehend what Maharishi Light Therapy with Gems can do for them. It sounds too far-fetched.
 I have posted a youtube interview, I did on a local TV station, and this often helps people to get enough information to actually come and try it.

Youtube  http://youtu.be/sF6TyJZD038

Finally our body is a much greater miracle than we can fathom, and many experience during Light therapy with Gems, that they are created of light, intelligence, warmth and love.

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