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Creating Balance through the Nourishing Power of Gems

Benefits of the MLG Technology

Inner peace and happiness

“This therapy was life-changing for me. I feel it awakened an inner core of healing strength that continues to nourish my whole system.”
— Denise Waggoner, Iowa

“After the Maharishi Light Therapy with Gems session I felt settled, peaceful, blissful, and serene. My body felt healthier and stronger.”
— Rana Raffoul, Quebec

Expansion of Consciousness

“I feel calmness and clarity increasing during and after all my sessions. Months later, this experience still continues. Even in very difficult situations, I remain calm like a pearl at the bottom of the ocean.”
—Adile Esen, Turkey

“I’ve really enjoyed the after-effects of the gem therapy. I feel like I've been revved up to a higher energy level with good general effects and more subtle meditation.”
—Tom Karson, Michigan

“My experience during Maharishi Light Therapy with Gems was golden, one of deep transcending. I had a feeling of physical calm—not just mental, but physical silence during the session. This was followed by a sense of alignment, as if my mind was somehow more connected to my body. There remains a sense of inner stability that has lasted since my sessions. My cravings for sweets, TV, etc., have been greatly reduced.”
— Jim Cahaney, Michigan

Improved Sleep

“After several sessions, I have enjoyed restful sleep, a peaceful mind and body, deep silence, and a new perception of nature. Maharishi Light Therapy with Gems is truly a unique program.”
— Kara Kuzel, Michigan

Relief from Pain

“After the fourth session I noticed that my shoulder was pain-free and I had almost all my range of motion back. This is a miracle, as I have had this frozen shoulder for almost a year. It seems the Maharishi Light Therapy with Gems was the final touch that brought my body back to balance. I also feel calmer and happier. This is major, since the challenges and demands of my work are often quite substantial.”
— Patti Steurer, Iowa

“Ever since a car ran over me when I was three years old, I’ve lived with constant pain and pressure in the back of my neck. As a result, I’ve been on a lifelong quest for relief, but nothing worked. I came out of a recent session of MLG feeling almost no discomfort in the back of my neck. My neck isn’t perfect, but the difference is profound. During the session, I didn’t feel anything extraordinary, yet somehow relief came to me, without my even asking.”
— Jim Fairchild, Iowa

“Although I tend to be skeptical of non-traditional healing mechanisms, I must admit that my recent MLG session has truly done for me what no other protocol has accomplished before. In particular, with two old injuries—a painful ‘trick’ knee and a ‘frozen’ shoulder—I noticed decreased pain and increased range-of-motion immediately after just one session. I am now experiencing a sense of mental clarity and positive mood that I can only attribute to the gem-light program.”
— Sonny Linder, New York

“It is remarkable that I have had no headaches since my sessions last fall. Only a few times there have been oncoming headaches, but it has not been nearly as bad as it was before, where I hardly slept at night.”
— John Jorgensen, Denmark

Decreased Depression

“In all three sessions, I felt a deep warmth in my chest, feelings of happiness, and a sense of freedom. After the sessions the world feels brighter and easier, and there is also more energy.”
— Lena Heikkila, Finland

Increased Energy

“After the MLG session, my stress symptoms were noticeably reduced, and my internal energy and mood were clearly higher than the last several months.”
— Simon Bergmann, Denmark

Enhanced Sensory Perception

“The third session seems to have hit the mark when it comes to my vision. I definitely noticed sharper, more focused vision on the drive home. I am still wearing my prescription glasses, but there is a difference. Now they are correcting my vision quite well; a week ago they were inadequate.”
— John Enos, Colorado

“With Maharishi Light Therapy with Gems I experience my cells and organs becoming more and more permeated with light. This light becomes so pervasive that it feels as if I am radiating that light into my environment. Also I notice a real refinement of my perception. A past injury caused me to lose my sense of smell, which is now back for the first time in ten years. I am amazed by the effectiveness this program.”
— Michael Zapata, Arizona

“I experienced a clear, gentle, cooling effect throughout my torso as the light shone through the gems onto my body. Since my sessions I have noticed that I am less nervous or anxious. I don’t experience what I would call a ‘hurried state of mind.’ My compulsion to smoke has decreased. My thoughts are more concentrated on the positive. And I am much gentler on myself and others.”
— Deborah Johnson, Michigan

“MLG in some way works like a resonance effect. What happens is that when a light shines through the gems towards the body, the intelligence of the gems seems to come inside the body and help the body remember its own intelligence.” —Eva Bergmann