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Creating Balance through the Nourishing Power of Gems

The nourishing power of light

Light is essential to life. We depend on light from the sun, which nourishes the plants we eat through the process of photosynthesis. People often notice that they feel lighter and happier when the sun is shining. Many ancient cultures recognized the healing properties of the sun, and prescribed natural sunlight to maintain optimum health and to treat various ailments.

Discovery of Light Therapy for Treating Mood Disorders

In the 1980s, Dr. Norman Rosenthal and colleagues observed that many patients suffering from depression found that their symptoms increased in the winter, when they were exposed to less sunlight. Rosenthal referred to this as seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and developed light therapy as a solution.

Today light therapy is a standard treatment for SAD, and has been found to lift SAD-related depression in 80 percent of cases—without the need for antidepressants. Light therapy is also used to other forms of depression, as well conditions associated with a disruption of circadian rhythms, such as delayed sleep phase disorder.

“It was incredible! I felt so deeply rested and completely satisfied.”
— Krystle Liggins


Light Therapy Used to Treat Pain and Skin Disorders

In a recent study conducted at Stanford University and published in the journal Nature Biotechnology, researchers found that light therapy significantly lessened chronic pain without the need for pharmaceutical drugs. Ultra-violet light therapy is used to treat skin disorders such as psoriasis, acne vulgaris, eczema, and neonatal jaundice.

Transforming Mind and Body

Because Maharishi Light Therapy with Gems (MLG) works at a profound level of the mind-body interface, it has a wide range of benefits. Information carried by the light shining through the orderly structure of gemstones awakens the body’s own internal healing ability.

Thousands of people have reported greater energy, decreased anxiety, reduced stress, and relief from chronic disorders such as headaches, back pain, or frozen shoulder. Many people also more inner stability, heightened mood, and an improved sense of well-being.

Insurance companies in Switzerland have been so impressed with the results of Maharishi Light Therapy with Gems that they have paid up to 80 percent of the cost of the program.

“With Maharishi Light Therapy with Gems I experience my cells and organs becoming more and more permeated with light. This light becomes so pervasive that it feels as if I am radiating that light into my environment. Also I notice a real refinement of my perception.” — Michael Zapata, Tempe, Arizona