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Creating Balance through the Nourishing Power of Gems

Orderly structure of gems

“We are the stuff of stars,” the late astronomer Carl Sagan once said. Our earth was formed from basic elements such as carbon, nitrogen, and oxygen that were originally synthesized in the molten interior of stars. The explosion of stars scattered these basic elements into space, forming the basis not only of the structure of our planet earth, with its minerals and gems, but also of the earth’s ecosphere and human life.

Gems are as old as our planet. Their crystalline structure, formed under extreme temperature and pressure, is inherently orderly and imbues gems with their beauty, brilliance, purity, and longevity.

“The information that is absorbed from the environment in very deep and very rare places on earth are brought into the specific structure, the micro-structure of the gem.”
— John S. Hagelin, PhD
Quantum Physicist


The inherent intelligence and orderliness of gems resonates with the intelligence and orderliness of our human nervous system, making them an ideal catalyst for restoring health. It is the specific molecular composition and orderly crystalline structure of these gemstones that endow them with balancing and healing effects on the human physiology.

Trace Elements and Color

Ruby red. Emerald green. Sapphire yellow. What makes gems so colorful? The answer is found in the trace elements they contain. Trace elements produce the color and the quality of gems, the frequency of light unique to each type of gem. For instance, the distinct yellow color of the yellow sapphire comes from the trace element of iron. Without trace elements, all gems would be essentially colorless.

“It is remarkable that I have had no headaches since my sessions last fall. Only a few times there have been oncoming headaches, but it has not been nearly as bad as it was before, where I hardly slept at night.” — John Jorgensen, Denmark